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A failing project comes with high costs --among them are financial loss, wasted effort, and low team motivation.

NavyBlu Management Ltd will save you time and money, reduce risk, and will have your project completed according to the stakeholders’ expectations every time. We will help you achieve all of your project’s goals within their given financial, resource and time constraints. Your project will be taken from initiation and planning through to execution, monitoring & control, and closure.

NavyBlu Management Ltd was managing projects using Agile technics, before the 2001 “Manifesto for Agile Software Development” was even published.  Agile technics can be applied in a variety of industries and are not limited to software development.

We place emphasis on:

  • Helping our clients build effective and competent teams

  • The building process, be it digital, physical, or anything else, comes first and foremost

  • Customer collaboration and needs

  • Ensuring that plans and processes are flexible and can adapt to stakeholder requirements, changing environmental fundamentals, and evolving perspectives

With decades of experience in a variety of industries, NavyBlu Management Ltd can help you turn a failing or stalled project into a successfully completed project. Sometimes only a little coaching and advice from an external, impartial party is all that is needed.

Our Project Management Consulting services include:

  • Reviewing your current project management processes and capabilities

  • Recommending processes and/or controls changes

  • Change management support and advice

Contact us today – we can help you tackle your project

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