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Families have been increasingly wanting to spend more quality time together. As a result, entertainment companies have begun to adapt their offers. This has resulted in the creation of Entertainment Centers, that offer various entertainment experiences and recreational activities all under one roof. These establishments offer attractions such as rides, mini-golf, interactive gaming, bowling alleys, refreshment stands, coin-based arcade games, virtual gaming, Lan and e-Sports.

In this new and growing market, decision-makers need help to understand which attractions, products, or services appeal most to their clients. 

Blu consultants can also optimize new and existing business to identify costing, staffing, management, cleanliness, technology, and overall profitability issues and recommend a corrective action plan.

Feasibility studies will help you to understand your business and offer insights into all aspects that can potentially affect your operation positively or negatively. As with many other businesses location, demographics, competition, and pricing all play significant parts in determining success.

Concept creation and development is critical to making your entertainment center stand out from the competition. We will assist with creative consultation, logo design, and graphic integration as well as ensuring that functionality contributes to streamlined operations.

Entertainment center should not neglect their food and beverage services as they are critical to increased sales and profitability. We can guide you through the process of sourcing suppliers and training staff that will result in an efficiently run on-site restaurant.

Labor shortages are causing issues for hiring among Entertainment Centers. Training and developing your staff is key to maximize sales and retain employees. We can help you recruit the right individuals, provide training, and develop staff that will maximize your available labor flexibility.

Our process includes:

  • Feasibility study

  • Market research

  • Concept development & planning

  • Sourcing furniture, fixtures, and equipment

  • Complete program development (gaming, leisure, retail, functional areas, food & beverage)

  • Functional & operational specifications

  • Square footage optimization

  • Search and selection of designers, architects, suppliers

  • Revenue channels & pricing strategies development

  • Operational consulting

  • Event programming development

  • Social media & digital marketing setup

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Staff hiring and development

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