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The Restaurants and Drinking places sub-sector provide meals and beverages meant to be consumed immediately. While some businesses offer just food service and drinks, others offer entertainment, seating, and service from waiting staff. These businesses include quick-service, fast-casual, fine dining, cafe & bistro, and food truck.

Recent changes that affect this sector include a rising demand for all-natural and organic products, technological changes, and rising labor costs.

Patrons want to eat healthier diets and are willing to pay extra money for high quality, all natural and organic foods. Only restaurants and drinking establishments that are able to adjust their offerings to meet their consumers’ expectations are likely to be able to keep and grow their customer base.

Technological changes can increase sales, improve productivity, and provide a competitive advantage over competitors. These changes have impacted marketing and interactions with clients.  Technologies that have been impacting this sector include mobile platforms (i.e. applications) that showcase the restaurant’s menu, takeout and on-demand delivery services, loyalty and rewards programs, meal nutrition details and reservation booking.

Rising labor and decreasing unemployment rates increases the competition and difficulty of recruiting and retaining high quality employees. This causes those affected business to struggle against more adaptable competitors.

NavyBlu helps businesses to successfully bridge these changes and tailor their offerings to match their clients’ expectations of being health conscious and be value driven to satisfy stakeholders’ demands.

Our process includes:

  • Initial evaluation

  • Planning

  • Site development or remodel

    • Site scouting / site development or remodeling

    • Drawings & permits

    • On-boarding of contractors and trades

  • Furniture, fixture and equipment

  • Recipe development including testing & costing

  • Setup of supply chain management

  • Revenue channels & pricing strategies

  • Delivery logistics

  • Social media & digital marketing setup

  • Staff organization plan

  • On-boarding program

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Training program development

  • Kitchen & service training

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