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Outdoor Amusement

Out-of-home recreation businesses include various recreational facilities such as amusement parks, specialty attractions, theme park, and water parks. NavyBlu can assist you with feasibility analysis, site selection, development, operation, and updating recreation offerings to encourage greater participation by core enthusiasts and new adopters.


The feasibility study is the first step of the development process and provides critical guidance for design, construction, and operations. It evaluates potential market support and forecasts usage. It determines potential financial performance and development costs. It provides detailed physical planning parameters and recommends the attraction mix.


Our feasibility study includes:

  • Market analysis

  • Attendance demand

  • Site review

  • Potential revenue analysis

  • Concept suitability


Today’s theme parks and leisure attractions are becoming increasingly complex, since they need to integrate retail, food, corporate groups, sponsorship programs, attractions, and a variety of other activities. Having a sound design and master plan is critical to success. We work closely with your onsite team to provide the following services for your business:

  • Land use evaluation

  • Master planning

  • Concept design & development

  • Schematic design & development

  • Construction oversight


Operations planning services are necessary to ensure a safe and efficient operation. We develop all systems, procedures, policies, and programs in the timeliest manner possible. The operational aspects we address include:

  • Job descriptions

  • Organizational charts

  • Operating manuals

  • Orientation programs

  • Ride selection and procurement

  • Food and merchandise pricing and programming

  • Marketing plans

  • Manuals and training

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Staff training

  • Safety programs

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