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The Entertainment and Hospitality industry is service based and provides recreational activities to a substantial amount of individual, and corporate, clients. The activities within the industry are divided into the amusement and recreation and food services and drinking places industries.

Through the business consulting and management service that NavyBlu offers we will streamline your business processes by revamping your planning & decision making, optimizing your organizing of activities & resources, showing you how to lead by effectively managing, motivating & directing your teams, and ensure control through monitoring & evaluation.

Some key aspects of our services include:


Feasibility Studies

For businesses in the pre-development stage, NavyBlu provides feasibility study services that include:

  • Project outline

  • Venue space assessment

  • Competitive analysis

  • Market analysis

  • Financial projections

  • Break-even point analysis


Conceptual Design & Development

Starting with an in-depth discovery session we provide assistance with:

  • Brand development

  • Logo and visuals development

  • Games and attractions selection

  • Flavour profile and menu design development

  • Site scouting

  • Architectural design and specifications

  • On-boarding of contractors

  • Project management oversight


Daily Operations & Square Footage Utilization

NavyBlu is fully aware that some times complex or unorganized business processes need an outside perspective to receive a clear idea of changes that need to be undertaken to make improvements to the business. We perform assessments to determine the optimal operations plan and floor utilization based on the site’s budget limitations, client preferences, and any physical restrictions.

Our consultants have worked with a number of businesses to implement improved business process management techniques and initiatives. Our methodology is the product of many years of successful business management and growth throughout our career. We work on-site and conduct the necessary research required to fully understand your business. This includes analyzing and documenting your existing processes. Once we have gathered the necessary data, we make recommendations for adjustments and improvements.

We focus primarily on:

  • Operational analysis/audit

  • Daily cost reporting and analysis

  • Vendor analysis

  • Supply chain management assistance

  • Games, attractions, and menu analysis and advice

  • Evaluation of equipment, and if applicable, revenue sharing contracts

  • Site plan assessments to determine their suitability and revenue generating characteristics

  • Developing the site’s optimal layout plan regarding equipment, administration, and concessions positioning to ensure an efficient traffic flow and revenue generation.


Process Documentation

By identifying, outlining, and evaluating key business processes; we can recommend improvements, overcome inefficiencies, enable your employees to better understand their roles within processes, and preserve company knowledge through documentation of processes.

Before making recommendations for improvements, we will thoroughly document your existing processes. We believe that this top-down view is critical for achieving success. Once this is done, we can then recommend how to implement a new process or suggest improvements to existing processes.

The end result is a workable map and manual that can be consulted at anytime to ensure that the processes are followed and remain in effect.


Business Culture & Performance

We access the current business culture of the site and propose ways where it can be improved.  In particular we:

  • Create and maintain organizational charts, staff position lists and job descriptions

  • Review and optimize operational practices, hiring guidelines development, and staff orientation

  • Engage in staff development, training and productivity recommendations

  • Standard operating procedures development


Efficiency Improvement

Increase the growth of your business through the evaluation of your past technology choices & implemented processes and recommending streamlining improvements. Through our research and observations, we will determine the efficiency level of your business and suggest necessary adjustments to improve it. Optimizing business efficiency is critical to ensure business growth and reduce unnecessary, expenses of capital, resources and time.


Support Consulting

Customers are the lifeline of your business and need to be managed and handled in an efficient, proper manner.  We ensure your customer support processes are effective and efficient. This simple task will help ensure that you maintain good relations with them. Our own long-term customer centric focus, allows us to quickly assess and adjust any issues in a customer support strategy.


Ready to improve and grow your business?

Let's talk and see how we can improve your business processes increase your efficiency and enhance your bottom line.  Just fill in the below form and we will contact you shortly.

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