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Amusement Entertainment and Hospitality

NavyBlu Management Ltd. has management contracts with Amusement, Entertainment and Hospitality sites across North America – using a profit-sharing model. We assist our clients with the design, development, and management of golf clubs, mini golf, movie theaters, night clubs, restaurants, water parks, and video game arcades. We strive to minimize risks and set the foundations for long-term success.


Our Services

Our main areas of focus are feasibility studies, conceptual design & development, daily operations & square footage utilization, and business culture & performance:


Feasibility Studies

For amusement, entertainment, and hospitality businesses in the pre-development stage, NavyBlu Management Ltd. provides Feasibility Studies services that include:

  • Project outline

  • Venue space assessment

  • Competitive analysis

  • Market analysis

  • Financial projections

  • Break-even point analysis


Conceptual Design & Development

Starting with an in-depth discovery session we provide assistance with:

  • Brand development

  • Logo and visuals development

  • Games and attractions selection

  • Flavour profile and menu design development

  • Site scouting

  • Architectural design and specifications

  • On-boarding of contractors

  • Project management oversight


Daily Operations & Square Footage Utilization

NavyBlu Management Ltd. performs assessments to determine the optimal operations plan and floor utilization based on the site’s budget limitations, client preferences, and any physical restrictions. This optimization is essential for ensuring the efficient operation of amusement, entertainment, and hospitality businesses. We focus primarily on:

  • Operational analysis/audit

  • Daily cost reporting and analysis

  • Vendor analysis

  • Supply chain management assistance

  • Games, attractions, and menu analysis and advice

  • Evaluation of equipment, and if applicable, revenue sharing contracts

  • Site plan assessments to determine their suitability and revenue generating characteristics

  • Developing the site’s optimal layout plan regarding equipment, administration, and concessions positioning to ensure an efficient traffic flow and revenue generation.


Business Culture & Performance

We access the current business culture of the site and propose ways where it can be improved.  In particular we:

  • Create and maintain organizational charts, staff position lists and job descriptions

  • Review and optimize operational practices, hiring guidelines development, and staff orientation

  • Engage in staff development, training and productivity recommendations

  • Standard operating procedures development

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